Trailers Jebla is a company dedicated to the manufacture of trailers and bodies. It is located in the province of Leon, more specifically in the municipality of Camponaraya. In its facilities you can find both standard trailers and special and personalized manufacturing to adapt to the client's taste., the goal of this company is to offer the public functional and high quality trailers.

JEBLA offers the widest range of market trailers, can, nowadays, meet any transportation need. This is achieved with more than 27 Years of experience and the best value. The use of the best materials and meticulous manufacturing process combine to create a product of the highest possible quality and safety.

We are also a leading company in the manufacture of aluminum trailers and we managed to give our trailers and bodies high strength and low tare, this coupled with the low maintenance and virtually no corrosion make our products the best option for you.